Data Management and Storage

Data management services and guidance

Good research data management is the basis of successful research. It facilitates data sharing, and ensures the sustainability and accessibility of data in the long-term. Properly managed data can be reused in future science.

Plan your data management

Research data management concerns the organisation of data during as well as after the active phase of a project.

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Compute and analyze data

CSC has multiple options for computing and analysis. They include supercomputers and easy-to-use web and cloud environments.

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Document your data

Research data has to be documented with adequate metadata in order to be interpreted correctly. Comprehensive metadata makes your data discoverable and reusable.

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Store and share data

CSC offers multiple options for storing and sharing data during a research project.

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Open and discover data

The rule of thumb in making data available for reuse is to make it as open as possible, as closed as necessary, depending on factors such as intellectual property rights and ethical issues.

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Preserve research data

Digital preservation ensures the continued access to digital materials for as long as necessary. The Digital Preservation Service for Research Data is intended to preserve research outputs or datasets.

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Sensitive data management

Sensitive data is data that needs to be protected against unauthorized access. CSC offers safe data management solutions for sensitive data throughout the data life cycle.

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Research data management training materials

CSC offers guidance and organises training related to RDM services and other data management related issues.