Plan your data management

Good research data management is the basis of successful research. Furthermore, good data management is crucial for facilitating data sharing and ensuring the sustainability and accessibility of data in the long-term and therefore their re-use for future science. Research funders require making a plan for managing your data. For this purpose we recommend the Tuuli data management planning tool developed by Finnish research organization network.

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CSCĀ“s Data Policy

CSC has published Data Policy with the purpose of promote best data management practices to:

  • emphasize that we undertake appropriate institutional steps to help customers to safeguard the availability, usability and retention of their data.
  • help us to assure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as internal requirements with respect to data management.

The default assumption is that the data should be made openly available whenever possible. The data management is offered in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Data protection and security are planned and maintained in an appropriate and controlled way during the whole data life cycle. CSC has appointed a data protection officer with whom the data policy can be discussed further (