Fairdata Services

Fairdata Services

With Fairdata services you can store, share, and publish your research data with easy-to-use web tools.

You can easily create descriptive metadata for your dataset and then publish it for others to discover and use. Your published datasets get landing pages and persistent identifiers (both DOI or URN available).

You decide who can access your published datasets: anyone or members of your research group only. All published metadata is accessible to anyone, but the underlying datasets can have restricted access.

Fairdata services also offer a way to digitally preserve your data for several decades or even centuries. Data is preserved by transferring it to the Digital Preservation Service (DPS) for Research Data.

The free Fairdata services for research are:

Note: Fairdata IDA is not suitable for sensitive personal data or data that is under heavy use.

If you need to store sensitive data, look into SD Connect and ePouta.

If you need to store active data, look into Allas.