Computational Engineering

Computational engineering is a discipline dealing with developing and exploiting computational models and simulations to solve complex physical problems, which arise in analysis and design in many areas of research.

Computational engineering software

CSC provides access to multiple computational engineering software packages, both commercial and open-source.

All the software packages are offered to users from Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences free-of-charge.

The commercial packages can be used in public-domain non-commercial research and education. The terms and conditions on the agreements between CSC and the software vendors need to be taken into account. The licenses of the packages are available on CSC's computing servers.

The software packages are mainly intended for solver analysis runs. Pre- and post-processing must be done on user's own local computer.

Computational fluid dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) refers to describing the properties of fluids by solving physical equations using computational methods. CFD together with experiments and mathematical analysis helps to understand the phenomena detected in fluids.

CSC provides outstanding facilities for performing high performance CFD computations. We have an extensive selection of software for CFD and powerful supercomputers to carry out the computations. Moreover, we provide training courses for some of the application software.

Structural analysis

Structural analysis comprises the set of physical laws and mathematics required to study and predict the behavior of structures. The subjects of structural analysis are engineering artifacts whose integrity is judged largely based on their ability to withstand loads; they commonly include buildings, bridges, aircraft, and ships. Our computational engineering software is often applied in structural analysis.

Other disciplines

The use of our computational engineering software is not limited to the two above-mentioned branches: it can be applied in many other disciplines as well. The full capabilities of a specific package are described on the pages of the software vendors. You can find the links on the software list on CSC Docs.


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