Plan Data Management

Research data management (RDM) concerns data management and organisation during as well as after the active phase of a project. Data management comprises the following topics:

  • Data types and amounts of data
  • Ethical and legal issues
  • Data documentation and metadata
  • Data storage during a project and information security
  • Making data available for reuse and preserving data
  • Data management responsibilities and resources


It is important to notice that data management may incur costs at different phases during a research project. The costs and resource allocation should be addressed in the early planning phases of the project. Read more about budgeting of data management in CSC Docs.

Benefits of research data management: Make research more efficient; comply with funders mandates and data protection law; agree on data ownership and sharing; ensure needed resources: storage, computing environment, equipment etc.; make research reproducible; ensure findability of your work. Lisence: CC BY 4.0

License: CC BY 4.0

Data management plan

You should plan data management for your project before collecting data. You can do so by creating a data management plan (DMP). A DMP is required by many research funders, and the plan should be updated as the research project evolves. For this purpose, we recommend DMPTuuli data management planning tool tailored for Finnish research organizations. You can find more tool options below.

Ask the data support of your home organization for assistance in planning your data management and in using DMPTuuli. We support Finnish research by providing data management solutions, including services for large volumes of data and sensitive data.

Introduction to the basics of data management

Tools for planning data management

  • DMPTuuli – data management planning tool. DMPOnline instance is tailored for Finnish research organisations.
  • DMPOnline – data management planning tool from DCC. It is useful in international collaborations.
  • easy.DMP – data management plan generator from EUDAT2020 and Sigma2
  • Data Stewardship Wizard – a tool for creating smart data management plans for FAIR open science

Instructions for DMPs from research funders

Other useful links