Quantum Computing

Quantum computers differ significantly from their digital counterparts when it comes to basic computational operators and operating principles. As a result, quantum computers are able to solve certain computational problems considerably faster than classical supercomputers. In order to exploit this quantum advantage, programs and algorithms tailor-made for quantum processing units (QPUs) need to be developed.

Kvasi, the Quantum Learning Machine

Kvasi, the Quantum Learning Machine is now open for use.

The selection of services at CSC now includes a quantum computer simulator. With Kvasi, users can familiarize themselves with the upcoming era of quantum computing. The users have access to ready-made examples, and can test and develop new quantum algorithms in a Jupyter notebook environment. The effect of noise can be accounted for, and several algorithm optimization procedures are built in.

More information, for example instructions on gaining access, can be found at CSC Docs: https://docs.csc.fi/computing/system/#kvasi

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