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How CSC service use is measured and monitored

Billing units

Many CSC's services use billing units (BU) to measure and monitor the service usage. A billing unit (BU) is a unit that we use to distribute our service resources to all users, whether they purchase our services or use them on a free-of-charge basis. Those using our services on a free-of-charge basis will not be charged for BUs used.

Different services consume billing units at different rates. You can find how billing units are used in different services from the billing models provided.

Using most of CSC's services requires a CSC project created on MyCSC portal. Billing units are allocated to and tracked per project. You can estimate your CSC project's billing unit consumption with our billing unit calculator. When you are a member of a CSC project, you can find your CSC project's billing unit consumption on MyCSC under Projects.

CSC projects that fall under the free-of-charge use can apply for billing units. Such requests are handled by a dedicated resource allocation group at CSC. For commercial CSC projects, you need to purchase billing unit packages from us.


Some of our services have set quotas, which limit service use per project. Quotas can apply, for example, for the amounts of data stored. Some quotas can be modified while others cannot be changed. See the quotas and the services they apply to.

Applying for more BUs and increasing quotas

Please note that the process described below applies only in free-of-charge use cases: if you are a commercial user, please contact servicedesk@csc.fi about getting more resources.

When you use our services free-of-charge, you may find that the resources provided by default do not cover your needs. In that case you can apply for more.

Billing units

You can apply for more billing units on MyCSC portal.

  • Small BU requests are processed immediately
  • Processing medium requests can take a few days
  • Large resource requests are processed by a special panel – Resource Allocation Group, which makes decisions on set dates, every 3 weeks. Make sure to keep track of application deadlines and fill the application thoroughly.


You can request quota changes for many services via MyCSC as well, but some requests need to be sent to servicedesk@csc.fi. See how to apply and change services quotas.

More detailed information about applying for resources as well as the deadlines for large resource requests can be found on Applying for Resources page.

When your resource needs are extremely large

If your needs are larger than what CSC normally provides, there are other options provided by different organizations. To find out what might suit your needs, please see the page for extremely large resources.

Large resource application deadlines

​​​​​​​M​​​​onday, May 13th, 2024, 10 am
​​​​​​​Monday, June 3rd, 2024, 10 am
Monday, June 24th, 2024, 10 am
​​​​​​​Monday, July 15th, 2024, 10 am