ePouta IaaS Cloud

Secure and cost-effective cloud computing

ePouta is a Finnish cloud computing environment (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS) designed for processing sensitive data. It is a closed environment that meets elevated information security level regulations. It is suitable for all fields of science, and also for government and research-sector organisations. The cloud service combines virtual computational resources with the customers' own resources using a dedicated light path. The service is easily scalable to customers' requirements.

ePouta uses OpenStack technology. There is no need for separate storage capacity, as ePouta comes with storage capacity that customers can easily upgrade if required. Data is stored in Finland on CSC's servers.

Users can freely administer their own virtual machines and software on ePouta. The cloud resources required for each user are individualised and reserved for the user in question, and kept separate from other CSC computing environments. The customer's virtual resources are reserved in advance for a fixed period, and the customer is invoiced in accordance with agreed usage.

To become a customer please email servicedesk@csc.fi

For documentation please consult the Pouta user guide.

CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. endorses and share the governing principles and approach of Tryggve Code of Conduct (2017-03-15). CSC supports building trust and common grounds the research community and participating data centers across Nordics.

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