Consultation for HPC software developers

This service assists CSC's users to improve their HPC software. In essence, it is about consulting discourse between an application developer and CSC's specialist allocated for the project. CSC will set up a development project with defined goals and length and a dedicated point-of-contact at CSC for each request directed to this service. The application developer and the CSC specialist will work together towards the goals of the project.

For example, CSC can make an analysis on the performance of the application and provide proof-of-concept implementations on the solutions for the observed performance bottlenecks. The application developer takes care of implementing the proposed solutions to the production code as well as verifying them.

Suitable development projects include for example the following:

  • Code optimization i.e., improving single-core and parallel efficiency of the application
  • Parallelization of a serial code
  • Reduction of memory and/or I/O requirements of the application, especially when these have become an usability bottleneck
  • Conversion of an MPI application into a hybrid MPI+OpenMP application
  • Enabling the use of the accelerator technologies such as graphic processing units (GPU).

CSC reserves the right for prioritizing the development projects and control the dedicated resources. The service is free of charge for CSC's academic users. No specific application is needed; just send a free-form description of your case to