PaITuli spatial data service

Open Paituli service.

Paituli is spatial data download service. Paituli's primary users are students and personnel of Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences, but most of the datasets are open to anyone. The service provides datasets that are important for research and education. Compared to other spatial data services Paituli includes also historical versions of datasets. For many datasets the first version is from 2005, when Paituli started.

Besides datasets from governmental agencies it is planned to publish also datasets produced by students and personnel of universities and universities of applied sciences.

Detailed list of available datasets can be found on Metadata page. Datasets can be downloaded from Download data page. Download page provides also preview to a big part of the datasets. The same datasets are available via OGC web services: WMS, WMTS and WFS.

The permanent URL for PaITUli service is