Pricing and Resources


Using CSC's services free-of-charge

Many of CSC's services for data management and computing are free-of-charge for academic research, education, and training in Finnish higher education institutions and in state research institutes. Under certain conditions, international researchers or companies collaborating with Finnish higher education institutions or research institutes can also use our services free-of-charge. To learn more about when CSC's services are free, please read our free-of-charge use case policy.

Purchasing CSC's services

When the conditions of free-of-charge use are not met, you can purchase most of our services. To find out more about costs and how to purchase our services, please read our page on purchasing CSC's services.

If you are unsure about whether you can use our services for free or not, please reach out to our service desk at

Available resources

On the Available Resources pages you can find out:

  • How CSC service use is measured and what are billing units and quotas
  • How much use of our resources you are granted by default as an academic user
  • How to acquire additional resources when default ones are not enough
  • What are some service-specific use limitations on resources for academic and commercial users
  • What kind of special resources are available for projects that require computational resources exceeding CSC's standard project resources