Expert Support

CSC's services for research employ the latest technology, are globally competitive, and can adapt to the needs of most scientific fields.

CSC provides a cutting-edge computing environment and virtual computation services for research and product development. Using consultants in IT and scientific computation boosts research, as it frees researchers to engage in actual research activities. Our experts will help you select the most suitable and effective tools and software for each research project. They will also advise you on the effective use of supercomputers and cloud computation, and on questions relating to the use of international resources.

CSC's computers have been installed with Finland's broadest range of scientific software and databases, which researchers can access through the Funet network. We offer the international research community about 200 scientific programmes, including associated training and user support via CSC Service Desk.

Most of the services are free for academic researchers in Finland, but require a user account at CSC.

Due to the agreement made with the Ministry of Education and Culture, services are mainly available free of charge to researchers at higher education institutions.

More information about the agreement on CSC Company Site ยป