null Rahti


Rahti is a Container Cloud service that makes the deployment of applications easy.

Rahti provides a platform for you to host your own applications and make them accessible over the web. Rahti can run many different kinds of applications from web servers and databases to data analysis pipelines.

In Rahti you can manage your applications directly using a web interface accessible through a web browser. Rahti can also be used through a set of APIs which allow programmatic management of resources. In order to access and use the service you must have a CSC user account.

Rahti is built on open source and based on a distribution of Kubernetes called OKD, and it uses Docker containers to run applications.

Rahti provides:

  • Hosting containerised applications
  • Persistent storage for applications
  • Virtual networks for connecting your containers
  • Load balancing of traffic to your applications
  • An application catalog with many commonly used application templates ready to be deployed with a few clicks
  • Features for replication, rolling updates, auto-recovery, and auto-scaling of applications
  • Basic default domain name and TLS for hosted web applications

If you need virtual machines and associated infrastructure, look into cPouta.