Example case 1: Sharing data during research project, publish FAIR when ready

This research project has researchers in several organisations and countries, and funding from the Academy of Finland. The research group will collect about 10 Tibs of data and they have agreed on the rights with the data providers and their research organisations. They will need to share the data among themselves during the project but not publicly until the project is over.

Since there are no needs to restrict access, policies require publishing the data according to the FAIR principles. The domain practice requires that the data should be kept available for 10 years after publication. All members of the project have agreed that the main partner organisation (a Finnish higher education institution/research institute) will take over data curation after publication, until the deletion of the data. According to the FAIR principles, the metadata should be kept available even beyond that. After the ten year period, a new assessment can be made about possible long term preservation before it is deleted.

CSC offers different services for managing data in all phases of the research project. This can be done by using several CSC services together:

  • Fairdata IDA: for sharing data between researchers from different organisations and managing large amounts of data before publishing it as research dataset
  • ORCID : for linking the data to the researchers
  • Fairdata Qvain : for creating metadata
  • Fairdata Etsin : for providing a DOI and a landing page

There is no personal information in this dataset.

There is no sensitive data in this dataset.

The project will not be using CSC computing environments.

Service Getting access Benefits for this case Requirements for the user

Fairdata IDA

For sharing and storing the data

  1. Create a CSC user account and CSC project
  2. Apply for IDA storage space

Adhere to General Terms of Use for CSC's Services for Research and Education and to Fairdata IDA terms of use

Fairdata IDA is an easy-to-use service that enables you to store research data and materials related to it.

In IDA research data can be saved, organized, shared and stored. Data can be made read-only and replicated ("frozen") to prevent data loss. The data is available within the project team and can be shared with anyone with temporary share links. Data can be shared also with foreign partners.

Offers an environment that is dedicated for research and support from both CSC and the Finnish research organisations.

User needs a web browser and a internet connection. For large amount of data, user may need to learn how to use IDA's command line tools for data transfer.

Not suitable for storing data that includes special categories of personal data, as specified in Article 9 of the EU GDPR “Processing of special categories of personal data” (http://www.privacy-regulation.eu/en/9.htm ).

The service is not optimized for data under heavy usage.


For researcher identification

Create an ORCID identifier

Adhering to ORCID Terms and conditions of use

By using their ORCID IDs the researchers ensure that their outputs will be correctly identified and linked to their credit once they publish.  

Fairdata Qvain

For creating metadata

Create a CSC user account

Adhere to General Terms of Use for CSC's Services for Research and Education


Creating documentation (metadata) with Qvain, once a dataset in IDA is ready for publication, gives it a persistent identifier (DOI) that enables citation.

A dataset published with Qvain fulfills the requirements of the Academy of Finland.


Fairdata Etsin

A landing page for data

Service is available at etsin.fairdata.fi


The data owner decides how the underlying research data can be accessed and by whom.

Etsin offers the landing page, public metadata and thus adherence with the FAIR data principles.