Sensitive Data

Sensitive data is data that needs to be protected against unauthorized access. Protection of data may be required due to legal or ethical reasons, issues pertaining to personal privacy, and proprietary considerations.

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Services for sensitive data

We provide customer-driven sensitive data services for researchers, organizations, and educational purposes. Our complementary service offering includes SD (Sensitive Data) services, consisting of five interoperable service components, and ePouta.

SD services

SD services have simple to use web-interfaces which provide a secure workspace and facilitate sensitive data management. They are comprised of:

  • SD Connect - store and share
  • SD Desktop - compute
  • SD Submit and Federated EGA - publish under controlled access (in the pilot phase)
  • SD Apply - reuse (in the pilot phase)

These services are available on-demand and accessible from the public internet. They are designed to support collaborative projects.

SD Desktop is a certified environment for data processing under the Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data (which requires a permit from Findata). Please note that this version (SD Desktop for secondary use) has certain limitations.

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ePouta is a secure cloud computing environment designed to process sensitive data. ePouta is an Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provided by CSC to academic organisations. It allows you to deploy virtual machines and storage resources directly to the internal network of your organization.

To be able to use ePouta, your organization’s IT department needs to set up a secure network connection with CSC and agree on the extent of their ePouta service. They will then manage it as a part of their own computing environment.

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