Sensitive Data

Sensitive data is data that needs to be protected against unauthorized access. Protection of data may be required for legal or ethical reasons, for issues pertaining to personal privacy, or for proprietary considerations. There are a few simple guidelines for identifying sensitive data, which are all derived from national and EU legislation, read more about definition of sensitive data.

Services for analysing and computing sensitive data

ePouta - Virtual Private Cloud

The ePouta cloud computing service is designed for processing sensitive data. ePouta needs to be set up with your home organisation. 

ePouta Virtual Private Cloud »

Sensitive Data Desktop

Sensitive Data Desktop (SD Desktop) allows you to access the ePouta computing resources via your web browser and analyse your data remotely. Remote use is safe and easy.

This new service will be  available as a public beta in June 2021.

Sensitive Data Desktop »

Sensitive Data Connect

Sensitive Data Connect (SD Connect) provides a simple user interface for storing and sharing encrypted sensitive data.

This new service will be  available as a public beta in June 2021.

Sensitive Data Connect »

Services for storing and sharing sensitive data

Federated EGA

The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) is a public data repository for storing, handling and sharing of human genomes and associated phenotypic information consented for research but not fully public dissemination. The EGA provides secure data submission service for researchers to publish their data and with the data custodian approval facilitates secondary research use.

CSC will launch a national EGA Node in a new Federated EGA network by the end of 2021.

Federated EGA »
Secure human data management in Europe (video 1:25) »

Some of the sensitive data services are still in development. If you are interested in participating in the development and piloting the new services, contact us at


Manage your sensitive data

There are practices such as anonymisation and pseudonymisation that, in some cases, allow the sharing of sensitive data. Read more about managing sensitive data.

Good research data management is the basis of successful research. Read more about best practices and guidance about research data management.