Services for Sensitive Data

Sensitive data is data that needs to be protected against unauthorized access. Protection of data may be required for legal or ethical reasons, for issues pertaining to personal privacy, or for proprietary considerations. CSC provides customer-driven sensitive data services for research for reseachers, organizations and educational purposes.

Sensitive Data Services for Research (Open Beta)

CSC Sensitive Data Services for Research are designed to support secure sensitive data management through web-user interfaces accessible from the user's own computer. Sensitive Data Connect (SD Connect) and Sensitive Data Desktop (SD Desktop) are now available in Open Beta.


A private secure and scalable cloud computing environment and cloud storage solution for encrypted sensitive data. Designed to facilitate collaborative projects.

For whom?

Researchers and students affiliated with Finnish academic organizations or research institutes and their international collaborators. Using the services requires registering a CSC account.



Supports national requirements on sensitive data. Complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Sensitive data remain within Finnish borders, Data processor (CSC) and Data controller (data owner) responsibilities are defined.

SD Connect

Store and share


Federated EGA

Publish genome data

Later in 2021

SD Submit


Later 2021

Quickstart to Sensitive Data Services

Sensitive Data Services provided for Research Organizations

ePouta - Virtual Private Cloud

The ePouta cloud computing service is designed for processing sensitive data. ePouta needs to be set up with your home organisation.

ePouta Virtual Private Cloud »