Store and Share Data

CSC has multiple options for storing data while you work on it and later on during the data lifecycle. If you have sensitive data, please see the options on the page about sensitive data.

Storing data during research project

Allas object storage

High-capacity storage service for utilising data in computing environments. The data is stored as static objects (object storage). Allas can be used with S3 or Swift API compatible tools. Automatic data backups are not provided.

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Fairdata IDA

Easy-to-use service that enables you to store research data and materials related to it. Data can be made read-only and replicated ("frozen") to prevent data loss. IDA enables sharing data with temporary links, and publishing data after the research project.

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EUDAT B2DROP offers individual cloud storage space and can be used for sharing files with team members and collaborators. It is possible to add a B2DROP folder on your desktop.

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Storing data while computing

Storage environment on CSC supercomputers

The storage environment areas of Puhti and Mahti are designed and intended only for active research data. Data that is not used on weekly basis can be stored in Allas.

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Storage in cloud environments

The cloud environments of CSC; cPouta and ePouta (for sensitive data) provide storage space that can be linked to virtual machines running in these cloud environments. This allows CSC customers to build their own data servers and analysis environments, that can also made accessible to the Internet.

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Kaivos - A relational database service

Kaivos relational database service is available for computing projects by CSC users. Access to the databases is through the CSC computing environment. Databases are also provisioned separately, contact Service Desk for more information.

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If you need more specific information about the options above, see Storage Comparison Table.

Storing data after research project

In order to store and utilise the data after the research project, it’s essential that the data stored is well-documented and placed in a repository that enables reuse. We recommend opening the research data in a discipline specific repository or in a more general service, e.g. Fairdata Services and EUDAT B2SHARE. If you can't give access to the data itself, you can often make the metadata of the dataset open. Read more from section Services for opening and publishing research data. CSC does not provide storage for data after the research project, if it's not properly described as a dataset. For example, Fairdata IDA requires describing the stored data and keeping the CSC project associated with the stored data active also after publishing the data.

Digital preservation is an option for datasets, which have value for the organisation or on national level in the long term. Organisations evaluate the value of the dataset. Digital preservation offers reliable preservation of digital information for several decades or even centuries. Read more about Digital Preservation.

How to start using the services

You can find more information about what to consider when choosing a suitable storage solution in CSC Docs.

The storage solutions and services listed on this page are offered free of charge for academic research, education and training purposes in Finnish higher education institutions and in state research institutes (subsidised by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland). If your usage is extensive, please contact Service Desk provides personal guidance and expert support in choosing the right storage solution for your data.

To start using the service, register a CSC account and create a project. Note that EUDAT services have their own registration process.