Data storage services

Working storage for active data

There are multiple options for storing your data while you work on it.

CSC computing environment offers user and project directories for active data as well as an archive. This storage environment is accessible from CSC computing & cloud environment.

Storage in cloud environments is provided for computing, processing and analyzing data. It enables collaboration and analysis of large datasets. Access is provided from CSC computer & cloud environment. Public clouds are also accessible from the Internet.

Pouta Object Storage service provides a cross-platform service for storing and sharing data. Data Objects can be uploaded to this service from CSC environment as well as environments outside CSC.

Databases for research are available for computing projects by CSC users. Access to the databases is through the CSC computing & cloud environment. Databases are also provisioned separately, contact Service desk for more information.

Services for storing stable data

There are dedicated services to storing datasets that are stable, be they raw data, results from analysis or published datasets.

Fairdata IDA is for storing and sharing stable research data. The service is offered to researchers from Finnish higher education institutions, research institutes and those funded by the Academy of Finland. Data can be shared and metadata published via additional services. The service is accessible from the Internet. See how to get access.

EUDAT B2SHARE is a storage and sharing service for openly licensed research data in European collaboration. Access is from the Internet and from CSC computer environment.

Fairdata PAS is a digital preservation service for research data. Digital preservation refers to the reliable preservation of digital information for several decades or even centuries.

Which storage solution is right for you?

Researchers get access to multiple storage options through CSC, see below for a comparison of available services. We also provision storage capacity (CEPH/NFS) on request. Services suitable for sensitive data are being developed. Our servicedesk provides personal guidance and expert support in choosing the right storage solution for your data:


  Intended purpose Currently available quotas Interfaces Single user or project based access Additional features Service offered by
User directories in CSC computing environment Personal disc areas for processing data 50 GB,
5 TB short term (more on request)
File system / CSC customer portal


HPC Archive in CSC computing environment Storing data used or produced in CSC user directories 2,5 TB (more on request) iRODS / CSC customer portal single
Storage in CSC cloud environments Temporary or persistent storage resources via virtual machines 1 TB (more on request) Block storage via virtual machine, big data frameworks (Hadoop, Spark) project group   CSC
Fairdata IDA Storage service Storing and sharing stable data Granted based on application by organization (from 1 GB to 100 TB) Browser, CLI project group Enables sharing data from the service, persistent identifiers  MINEDU (service produced by CSC)
EUDAT B2SHARE   Storing and publishing small-scale data Limited space by file (10 GB) and record (20 GB) Browser, REST API project group Enables metadata and sharing data from the service EUDAT
CSC databases for research Data for applications utilizing relational databases Up to tens of GBs MariaDB database project group   CSC
Pouta Object Storage Platform independent data storage and sharing 1 TB

S3 and Swift clients. Pouta web interface.

project group Enables sharing data from the service CSC