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CSC's Pouta Cloud Services

CSC's cloud computing platforms, cPouta and ePouta, offer high performance computing with superior flexibility and user experience via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

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CSC's Pouta Cloud Services are ideal and cost efficient computing solution for research and education. The computing needs can be related to scientific modeling and number crunching in various areas of science, such as life sciences, big-data, astronomy, material sciences, earth sciences or financial analytics.

Secure Cloud and Datacenters in Finland

Both cPouta and ePouta are secure and highly scalable. Using these services frees our customers from managing their own hardware and datacenters whether they need the resources for an hour or a year. Our services are hosted in Finland giving you confidence that your data is safe in our datacenters. The systems are connected to the high performance Funet network. Both platforms are available as a commercial service as well.

Each of these services provides the customer with full control over one or more virtual machines as well as storage. This provides a large degree of flexibility and thus a wider range of use cases compared to traditional high peformance computing systems.

The cPouta service is available to any user with access to the computing services at CSC, while the ePouta service is primarily targeted to IT administrators in organizations.


Using cPouta, customers can quickly deploy self-administered servers using a simple user interface. cPouta can be used for research and educational purposes by Finnish universities and polytechnics for free.

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In ePouta, the security is taken into a whole new level. ePouta customers have  dedicated  connections from their home networks directly to their ePouta servers. ePouta is ideal for organizations that require high performance, high security and certified environment for sensitive data handling.

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Support in Finnish and English (weekdays only)

ISO/IEC27001 compliant

VAHTI 2/2010 raised information security


Private network (OPN)





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"Pouta" in Finnish means dry weather and "poutapilvi" is a cloud on a sunny sky.