Cloud computing

CSC's Cloud computing services

CSC offers a variety of cloud computing services: the Pouta IaaS services and the Rahti container cloud service.

With the Pouta services, you can can take the control of your IT infrastructure, manage it in flexible fashion, and automate it as you require. You can launch and manage virtual machines, deploy storage, and create networks for your needs. This infrastructure can be used for anything you need, or can imagine.

Rahti makes the deployment of applications a breeze. This is a higher level service than the Pouta services, and Rahti automatically takes care of a lot of the lower level management - so that you don't have to. Rahti is based on Red Hat's OKD, which is a distribution of Kubernetes and uses Docker containers to run applications.

Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences and state research institutes can use all of CSC's cloud computing services free of charge for open research and education purposes.


CSC's Pouta cloud services

CSC's cloud computing platforms, cPouta  and ePouta, offer high performance computing with superior flexibility and user experience via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The Pouta services are based on the open source cloud software called OpenStack.

Video presenting CSC's Pouta Cloud Services.

CSC's Pouta Cloud Services are an ideal and cost-efficient computing solution for research and education. The computing needs can be related to scientific modeling and number crunching in various areas of science, such as life sciences, big data, astronomy, material sciences, earth sciences or financial analytics.

The Pouta services work on the infrastructure level. You can deploy resources such as virtual machines, storage and networks and have full control over them. There are a variety of resources, from standard virtual machines to high performance computing and GPUs available on the Pouta clouds.



Using cPouta, customers can quickly deploy self-administered infrastructure using a simple user interface. The virtual machines are internet accessible (if you so wish).

cPouta is a generic service, which can used for most things. cPouta will provide you with virtual machines and storage, which you can use to build your own service, do a quick test, have a development platform, build a data processing pipeline, or any other purpose you can think of.

When should I choose cPouta?

If you have need for virtual machines, or other infrastructure services, and you don't have sensitive data requirements, cPouta is probably for you.

Hint: If you have sensitive data requirements, look into ePouta. For easier application deployment, look into Rahti.

More information about cPouta



In ePouta, security is taken onto a whole new level. ePouta customers have dedicated connections from their home networks directly to their ePouta servers. ePouta is ideal for organizations that require high performance, high security and a certified environment for sensitive data handling.

When should I choose ePouta?

ePouta is similar to cPouta, but the virtual machines in ePouta will be connected to your organizational network, not to the internet. ePouta is a generic platform that can be used for a variety of things.

ePouta is mainly recommended for sensitive data processing, or to flexibly scale the IT infrastructure within your organizational networks.

Hint: If you don't have a need for sensitive data processing, look into cPouta or Rahti.

More information about ePouta


CSC's Rahti container cloud service

With the Rahti service you can easily deploy scalable and fault tolerant applications and make them accessible over the web. Rahti provides features like load balancing, high availability and rolling updates for your application. It also provides a set of ready-made templates that allow you to set up applications like a database or a web server with just a few clicks. Under the hood, Rahti is built on open source and based on a distribution of Kubernetes called OKD.

Like cPouta, Rahti is a generic platform that can run many different kinds of applications from web servers and databases to complex scientific software stacks and data analysis pipelines. However, the approach Rahti takes and the way you use it is quite different from cPouta. In contrast to cPouta where you manage infrastructure like virtual machines and networks, in Rahti you manage applications directly. You can think of it as a big computer where you launch applications whereas cPouta is like a data center where you add your own computers.

When should I choose Rahti?

Here are some example use cases that Rahti is good for:

  • Host an interactive web application or just a regular web site.
  • Pre-package a complex application like Apache Spark and make it easy for others to run their own instance of that application.
  • Deploy a web application written in common languages like Python, Javascript or Java to the web with just one command.

If you want to run a web application or host a web site, Rahti will likely be the platform for you. It comes with a lot of the most common features needed for web based applications.

Hint: If you need virtual machines and associated infrastructure, look into cPouta.

More information about Rahti


Secure cloud and data centers in Finland

Both the Pouta and Rahti services are secure and highly scalable. Using these services liberates you from managing your own hardware and data centers regardless of whether you need the resources for an hour or a year. Our services are hosted in Finland, assuring that your data is safe in our data centers. The systems are connected to the high performance Funet network.



The development of the Pouta and Rahti platforms have been significantly aided by funding from the Glenna project.


"Pouta" in Finnish means dry weather and "poutapilvi" is a cloud on a sunny sky.