Free-of-charge use cases for end users in CSC's computing, cloud and storage services

Subsidized by the Ministry of Education and Culture usage of CSC's data management and computing services is free-of-charge for academic research, education and training purposes in Finnish higher education institutions and state research institutes. In addition to technical services CSC has wide selection of expert support and training available. The basic level of support and most of the training is free-of-charge. Read more about free-of-charge use cases.

Using most of CSC's services consumes billing units. A billing unit is a unit that CSC uses to distribute our service resources for our users. In free-of-charge use Ministry of Education and Culture has prepaid the billing units for the users. To start free-of-charge usage register an account. If you're unsure whether or not your use falls within the free-of-charge use cases, please contact service desk:

Other than free-of-charge usage - purchasing services or expert support

Purchasing most of the services and expert support is possible when interested in using CSC's services for other than free-of-charge purposes. CSC uses billing units to bill the user when service usage is paid by the user. You can utilize billing unit calculator to make preliminary cost estimates of your service usage.

To purchase services and expert support contact service desk: