Purchasing CSC's Services

When the conditions for free-of-charge use of CSC's services are not met, you can use many of our services by purchasing them. To purchase our services and expert support, please contact our service desk at servicedesk@csc.fi.

Allas, cPouta, ePouta, Mahti, Puhti, Pukki, and Rahti services

Since the use of these services is measured primarily by billing units (BUs), to use them you need to purchase our computing base package. Please note that the base package does not cover any possible initial setup costs, only service usage.

CSC's computing base package

Our base package is the minimum amount of billing units that you can purchase per project. This package can be used for computing, cloud and related storage resources, unless agreed otherwise.

The base package costs 1190 EUR (VAT 0 %). It includes:

  • 20 000 BUs
  • 4 user accounts
  • Support from our experts via the service desk (servicedesk@csc.fi)

To estimate how many BUs your project might consume, use our billing unit calculator. If you would like to read more about billing units and their use in our services, please refer to the page on billing units.

Additional resources

When you require more BUs or user accounts for your project than the base package provides, you don't need to repurchase the same package. You can purchase additional resources separately.

  • 420 EUR per additional 20 000 BUs
  • 30 EUR per additional user account

Please note that VAT is not included in the prices above.


Although you can purchase as many billing units as needed, please note that these services have certain quota limitations per project as well. See our page on quotas to find out which quotas may or may not be altered.

Other CSC's services

The use of the following CSC's services are purchased differently. Other services not listed may also be available for purchase, please contact our service desk for more information.


Up to a fifth of LUMI supercomputer's computing capacity is intended for industrial R&D use. See the price list and steps to become a commercial LUMI user. Please note that LUMI does not use CSC's billing units and the computing base package does not apply in the use of LUMI.


For academic use, a personal Chipster user account costs 500 euros per year. Corporate users can purchase personal (single-user) accounts or company accounts. Please contact us for more information.

EUDAT services

We offer some these tailored EUDAT services for purchase:

  • B2SHARE and B2DROP: tailored to meet the specific needs of a community in terms of metadata, storage space, user management, and branding
  • B2SAFE: used to store, replicate and implement data management policies on research data repositories across multiple EUDAT service providers

If you would like to learn more, please contact our service desk.


To use Kvasi, you will need a CSC project with Puhti supercomputer. The use of Puhti requires a CSC's computing base package, therefore, you will need to purchase it first. The actual Kvasi package options are sold separately on top of that. You can find Kvasi packages and pricing on CSC Docs.

CSC Noppe

CSC Noppe pricing is based on amount of students, memory needs, and duration of use. If you wish to purchase CSC Noppe, please contact us at servicedesk@csc.fi, we are happy to help you to set up your course and figure out the details, including total cost.

Consulting services

CSC also offers consulting in many areas. For example, we can consult you on adapting the open-source Elmer software for your own use. Our consulting services will be billed according to your contract with CSC. Please inquire at servicedesk@csc.fi about possible consulting services for your particular case or project.